WebDAV not locking files for editing - multiple users

Been running into a couple issues. We are connected to network drives via NetDrive3 - however multiple users can open an Excel file and view it, and each can make changes and save without others getting a notifcation. Using normal Windows WebDAV you would normally get a prompt saying the file was open or locked for editing and able to view a copy of the file, but we cannot do that in NetDrrive

Is there an option to fix that?


Hello cdeal1

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Unfortunately NetDrive does not support file locking and is not planned to be implemented in the near future.
We have it in the long term plan.


Thank you for your reply. Is there anywhere to find out when new features are available?

Unfortunately file locking is a necessity for us as we have multiple people referencing a document so we will need to migrate the team from NetDrive back to the windows WebDAV for it. Sadly didn’t know it was an issue until after license purchase.

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