WebDAV Drive doesn't show correct total and available diskspace

NetDrive version: 3.6.527
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 (Pro)

When I connect to my Synology WebDAV drive (domainname:5006) it shows that my total space is 10TB even though my actual total space is 5,22TB. It als doesn’t show my available space. Even when i copy a 10GB file to the WebDAV drive it keeps on saying that 10TB out of the 10TB is available. Is this a bug or is there a config file on my NAS that i need to change?

When i connect to my OneDrive , Dropbox or Stack (also WebDAV) it gives the right value.

I see the following in de Windows Explorer. I added the Z drive as a example that is how it should be.

Hello jordytermaat.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

The space of your drive connected with WebDav protocol will be shown as 10TB if WebDAV server doesn’t support to get quota request.
Some WebDAV servers support the quota request.