WebDAV connection shows more storage than it has

I’m connecting to my Nextcloud server through WebDAV and I’m being told I have 10.4TB of storage.
This is incorrect since my server has 4TB of disk space.

My setup is a XenServer 7.3 hypervisor and I run Debian 9 as a VM which houses Nextcloud, in between the Nextcloud VM and my Windows machine I have a HAProxy server.

Now this could be that Netdrive is getting the Physical storage from XenServer instead of the Logical storage from Nextcloud. This would make sense since I have 2x 4TB and 2x 1TB both in RAID 1, and a 64 GB flash drive for the hypervisor.

We shows quota according to the response sent from Nextcloud. Please check Nextcloud’s configuration on quota.

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