WebClient option for NetDrive

WebUI for the NetDrive3 client.

Almost everything else I’m using on my server has a web client for remote management. It would be great to be able to manage the app from a browser over the network.
The latest version has fewer failed files, but since they do not retry automatically it would be nice to hit a webpage and restart the failed downloads. Currently I have to remote to the server, check for failed uploads, and restart them from the desktop client if there are any.

If nothing else, just a read only view of the status of uploads/waiting/failed.
I realize this would’t make sense for client installs but maybe an optional feature for server style setups.

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I wish there was a voting option for this. I have two huge pain points when using NetDrive.

  1. no automatic retry. this has led to a fair bit of prevetable pain if this feature was available.
  2. no webui. Instead of having a tab sit somewhere that I can check every now and again, I have to freaking RDP in every time I want to check on NetDrive.

I’ve been using NetDrive on 4 computers now for a few years, Please, implement a license based voting strategy which alots a certin amount of votes, even one, per month, or week or year. This way you can better determine what people actually care about.

Dear steinerdispatch,

Thank you for using in NetDrive.

We will discuss your feature request. Thanks for your feedback.