Wd my cloud ex2

I have purchased a NetDrive3 license.
I want to map a remote network drive.
The drive is a WesternDigital EX2 NAS.
On my drive I have shared the folder and enabled WebDav access.
I also have the router port 443 addressed to the NAS IP.
When I want to start the session with NETDrive I enter the following parameters:


Public_ip: is the static public address

User: is the username with access permissions to the NAS folders

Password: is the user’s password

Credentials always fail


Dear agaminde,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Please check the WebDAV connection guide and troubleshooting guide.
WebDAV connection guide

troubleshooting guide

If you issue persists, please let me know.

Stay healthy.

Where is WebDAV connection guide of NetDrive?

Dear agaminde,

Click the URL under the “WebDAV connection guide”.



The default server url for webdav service of WD Ex2 NAS could be http://:8080/Public

Please refer to 121 page of a following document.


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