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I am hoping that someone here can help me out. I am trying to use Netdrive3 with Amazon S3. I have NO IDEA what I am doing. All I know is that I want to use S3 to store a LARGE amount of files that I intend to use in a Glacier Storage type condition where I will only be DOWNLOADING the files MAYBE 1 time a year if that. I really could use some help setting this whole thing up so I can just drag and drop the files to that “DRIVE” that is set up in Netdrive3.Can someone please tell me step by step from A to Z how to make this happen. I have been searching all over the net trying to find help today… I am exausted… Thanks in advance for the help…

If you want to change storage class of your files you need to login to AWS Management Console / S3 and change the storage class of your objects.

I found a blog post on Amazon’s web site. Its for Glacier Deep Archive but the contents applies to Glacier Archive, too.

This is still very confusing to me. I need to know how to get there. I do have an account but not sure how to make it work the way I would like. For example. I upload 500 files today. IN 30 days those 500 files I would LOVE to go into Glacier Deep Archive without me having to select every single file one by one. Can you guide me please. I have only setup the acct and have NO idea how to even get to the step you have provided above.

You can access your S3 storage at following URL.

From there, select your bucket and find your objects. If you find your object you can follow the steps in the above blog post to change your objects class storage.

For some reason I am connected BUT when I upload it says it failed

Did you uploaded your file at following URL?

It appears that Even tho I have created a Bucket it did not create a bucket… ODD… So i created the bucket and now I can upload to it. Thank you for that… I am sure I will have more questions about this in a moment… :slight_smile:

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