Using non-English default path?


I’m trying to use Netdrive 3 as alternate solution for Google Drive File Stream to run a Plex server (I’m getting download bans all the time and a Google search pointed me here).

GDFS files were mapped to X:\Mi unidad… (spanish name) but when mounting with Netdrive the path appears as X:\My Drive… (english name).

Trying to manually rename the folder gives error.

Is there a way to change the path name within Netdrive? I have some scripts using the spanish path naming and my Plex libraries use that name too.


There is no way to rename ‘My Drive’ for now.

Anyway ‘Mi unidad’ is your google account name? Then we can make to use account name instead of ‘My Drive’.

No, ‘Mi unidad’ is the same as ‘My Drive’, but in spanish. It’s the default name that Google Drive uses for a spanish language account.

Ok. I think there is a way to change ‘My Drive’ to another language.

You should try this version. If it works, please let us know. I’ve tested with korean and it works.

This is not a official release, and may issue another problem. We’ll make it a official release when it works correctly.

Oh, thanks, but I already changed the paths in the scripts.

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