Using Netdrive3 (Google Drive) for Plex not auto scanning

Hi, I just purchased Lifetime Netdrive3 and am having problems with something. I’m using Netdrive3 with a google drive with my movies and TV libraries. Plex is set to autoscan when changes to the folders are detected, but it’s not scanning.

I set Netdrive3 as a local drive (and mount on boot) because apparently Plex can only scan a “local” drive not a “networked” drive. I still can’t get Plex to autoscan when media files are added to the google drive.

If there are any settings I need to make sure to check or a beta that, please let me know.

It seems that Plex cannot monitor NetDrive folders. Because Plex cannot monitor NetDrive folders it cannot auto start rescanning. Please use periodic rescan option.

I’m thinking something in your settings is incorrect. I’ve done exactly what you wanted for a couple years now without issue. I mount on boot and have Plex scan as a local drive. It autoscans and picks up my new media quickly.


Thanks for the reply, I’ve moved on to Linux now, but do you mind sharing your scan settings?