Use same account with multiple drives and users

Let’s simplify problem.

NetDrive uses different credential for each drive. So

1st drive : uses credential of sysadmin
2nd drive : uses credential of user B

then NetDrive requests to Nextcloud server with different credential.

Connect Nextcloud with sysadmin account only(just one drive).

And User A(who has Folder 1 access permission on Nextcloud) access NetDrive with SMB shares that connected with sysadmin account. Also User B access same drive with User A.

What is your situation between above?

Current version of NetDrive 3 is for personal use. With Personal plan all mounted drive is visible to other users on the same machine.

When we start Team plan it will support private mount.

Sorry for the late response.

Sorry I missed your message.

Team plan will be released soon. We know that it’s very important for business customers.

There will be minimum and maximum user accounts for Team plan. On a multi-user Windows you also need a Team plan with multiple user accounts.

Already downloaded your latest update with Multi-user today, I dont see you can set up multi-user

If si, how do I change/work like multiuser with my licences or make them work as Multi-user (each user has different drive mapping, etc)


You can setup your team information on our web site

To use Team manage feature you need Team License. Please refer to NetDrive Plans page:

How do I change 2 licences One Time I already bought from you for Team plan year subscription?