Playing-a-bit with V3.1.277…

Okay, subj. list(s) is(are) back (do not have them in some beta’s, and not sure for V234), but working logic still a bit strange. I work only with HUBIC, because …“censored” application for HUBIC is worse and native is a total “censored”. So, I copied some files to Hubic, and get 8 failed files. Okay. I went to “failed” Tab and Press ‘RETRY ALL’. 4 of files jumps to 'UPLOADIND", three of them starts uploading. (Background uploading turned off). When 3 files are finished, forth file start uploading. When file no.4. finished - all activity stops. (Remember, I has 8 files in FAILED!)

Ok, I press again “RETRY ALL” in “failed” 2 files go to upload, but 2 - stays in “failed”. After 2 more files uploaded (now 2 in failed) - I press RETRY ALL again. 2 files jumps to UPLOADING… no real upload, files stay-a-bit (~30 secs.?) in UPLOANDIN, and then “fall back” to FAILED. I try 3 or 4 more times to press “RETRY ALL” - same. ~30secs and “back to FAILED”. Then I copy these 2 files to HUBIC again with file manager - this time they uploaded correctly…

So, looks like, than “FAILED” tab works a bit strange, better, if we can have full list for unprocessed files (i.e. files which are uploading, waiting or failed) in one list…

(In test I copy 15 files ~70MB each).

A bit more games :wink: V277.

Button “RETRY ALL” in “FAILED” really sends to upload unly HALF of failed files. Each next “RETRY ALL” sends half of files again.

“False negatives”. Sometimes files in “Failed” are really OK at destination, and ‘cache control’ thinks, that the they are OK. (File size in cache path is zero, and there is no ‘[0]’ mark at the end of file ). If You try to “RETRY” them - they failed again and again.

And, ok, we are in features, right? So, will be good, if “FAILED” files can be reset automatically in each 5-10 minutes, with, at least, 5 tries.

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We found some bug when updating upload status and it’s fixed in the latest version.