Unable to logon

Hello, i purchased a license back in 2016 but for some reason it is not applied to my account and i’m unable to login. Could someone assist?

If you purchased Netdrive back in 2016 you more likely have a Netdrive V2 Key and will need to purchase a V3 key as i believe V3 came out in 2017 and requires a new key due to major feature changes with the version.

Go to https://accounts.bdrive.com/
login and see if you have a Netdrive 2 key or a Netdrive 3 key.

Currently we are in NetDrive3 version and it is different product from NetDrive2.

As stated in our website, we have ended the support for NetDrive2 in 2018.
You can continue to use NetDrive2 version if you have NetDrive2 license key.

Please send us private message if you need further help.

Best regards.

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