Unable to login to NetDrive3 - Network error

Hi there,
I’m receiving a network error when trying to login to my NetDrive3 account on multiple devices. When trying to access the https://accounts.bdrive.com website on a web browser I receive a “500 Internal Server Error” as well


Same here. I’m was just able to login to the support site in the last 10 minutes , but netdrive still wont authenticate and connect my drives.

There was an issue with load balancing server on backend. It’s now fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

I can appreciate the backend problem, this sort of thing can happen, but is there any way for users to configure NetDrive to avoid this dependency? We use NetDrive to access our Synology NAS server so I wondering if I could open a port on the firewall and use a proxy setting in NetDrive to restore access should it be unavailable.

While NetDrive requires login with our account server to check license it’s not possible to avoid this dependency now.

We will try to find ways to go round the dependency issues when account server is unavailable. First solution could be saving the license information locally and skip the login process when the account server is unavailble.

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you. I appreciate that you don’t want users to “pull tricks” to get around the license issue, but at the same time do appreciate that maximum uptime of the Netdrive system is important. Perhaps there can be a diverse mirror site for license checking so that the likelihood of both sites being unavailable is minimal.


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