Unable to connect WEB-DAV

Trying to create a new net-drive (NAS) fails. Correct web-address, port number, user and password is input, but lost by pressing OK-button.
Update: pressing OK-button on page, where drive-data is to be filled in makes entries to disappear, NetDrive 3 is closed !!!

I’m having the same issue, did you find a workaround?

Unfortunately not!! I’m really annoyed and searching for a substitution …

Sorry for the late response. We’ve missed your topic. What version do you use?

Version 3.3.349

Can you send me the screenshot just before clicking OK button? Please use private message.


Dear g-rebler.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Could you check your issue after download from the following url and install it?

Thanks, problem solved, jyyoonn sent me a link with version 3.3.354 (beta), it is working (for the moment)

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Thanks, 3.3.354 works

look to the replies; I’ve got a link for a new version, I’ve removed old version, installed this one (download from the specified URL), finally it works (at least for the moment)

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