Two users works with the same file

Hello. I need to understand does it possible to configure NetDrive to support this type of work.

  1. We have remote server with FTPS folder.
  2. Two users from different servers connects to this storage and work with one file.
  3. Storage connected as a local drive.

What if:

  1. One user will open the file which was already opened by other user, did he get notification?
  2. One user made some changes in the file, saved it and closed. Then other user opened the file, will he see changes made by other user even if he has the file in the local cache?
  3. If answer on question 2 is “No”, does it help to switch of local cache for both users?

No. You can not get any notification about file opened by another user.

NetDrive can not notify any changes to users that modify document. It can not be done with FTPS.

Anyway we have plans to improve protection about data loss(work with same document by more that two person). But I guess it’ll takes lot of time.

Thanks for the answer. The second question is not only about notifications. The main idea is that two users works with one file. Will they see the last changes, made by other user or every time the file will be opened from local cache of NetDrive without changes of other user?

NetDrive will update cache to last changes(clear and re-build cache). Even if NetDrive already made cache file for document.

But if you are open and work with document, NetDrive will not re-build cache. Because it may cause data loss.