The License Key ain't imported into the desktop app

Dar Sirs,

may I ask if you should know this issue:

I registered my 1-year’s license key online.
It should (?) be imported intop the desktop app…
maybe this even worked, if the app would have started.

I an not log into the desktop app, I regret!

If I click on
it will open the login page in the I-net browser.

I am not being logged into the desktop appp- that one won’t show any reaction …

Isuue #1 will be:

how can I log into the desktop app please?
I thank you in advance already & take your time ain’t no need 2 hury Sirs!


Dear Customer,

NetDrive 3 does not require registering license keys online. If you purchased your license you use NetDrive by login with your account.

Can I have the link you used to register your license key online?

Hello, dear ysh,
of course.
It was online under:
XT- Al

What is your voucher code? I will register it on our system.

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