Teams: Default Connections or copy from other user

The ability for the admin to pre-configure which services will mount on what drive letters for team members or the ability for a new member to copy the mappings from another user or template set will make the product much more usable. It will also aid in deployment and acceptance in larger corporate environments where users expect that they will have everything pre-configured for them when the log-in.

For example, on a Remote Desktop Server users will have their drive mappings assigned by Group Policy. If we want them to use NetDrive3 rather than having to load the DropBox client, OneDrive for Business Client, and any other client that may be required we need to be able to at least define what drive letter will be assigned to what service so we can document what the environment will be like for them as in:

“Your corporate DropBox will appear as Drive P: and your OneDrive for Business will appear as Drive O:. You will need to complete the sign-in to each service the first time you login to the server and after that the connections will be made for you during the login process.”

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