Team Licensing is not clear or not designed for server use

NetDrive version: 3
Windows/Mac Version: Windows Server 2016

The current model for Team licensing defines that each user will have a device which is NOT the case on servers where multiple users could be operating on the same device.

For example, I have a server that has NetDrive 3 installed on it and which is showing as one of my devices. In order for my administrator account to log in and be able to attach to the shared drives or drives specific to that user’s login, I had to remove the device from my use and give the device to that account.

If the license is PER DEVICE then any member of the team should be able to use that device. If the licensing is PER USER then it should not require that the device is assigned to a user for that user account to be able to use NetDrive on it. The way things are now I need one license for each user for each device they will log into which is rather daunting when you consider the potential number of devices that a single user could access in a corporate environment (particularly an administrator).

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