TEAM: hidden embedded credentials

Is there a way to publish SFTP shared folders without the need to enter credentials by the team member?

In odrive for example, I can share a certain folder with my admin credentials embedded but hidden, so the team member can access only that specific folder, without me needing to change permissions on the SFTP server.

Now with Netdrive3, if I want to give a team member access to one specific folder of a specific group, I first have to change permissions on the sftp server so he can access that folder. Even worse, if that folder isn’t in the root of his subuser account and he does have the right permissions, he cannot reach that folder. The team share connects fine but shows 0 items.

With the current version of NetDrive, it is not possible to publish team drive items, including login credentials. When we started implementing this feature, we believed that every user should have their own login credentials to limit access to admin or other member’s files.

However, we recognize that it would be useful to have the option to include login credentials when publishing team drives. This way, other members would not need to enter their own login credentials.

I will add this feature to our list of potential updates. Thank you for providing your feedback.

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