Team drive publishes to members but shows it is not configured after publication

The Maintainer published a team file connection. It works for the maintainer and it shows for the verified member account. Howerver, it shows as not connected and clicking on the connect button throws the error … is not configured yet after published. Do you want to config? Clicking on the OK button shows the published connection and it is asking for Account User & Password. If i enter the member credentials or the maintainer credentials, the error message asks to check login credentials.

I can find no information in the manuals on how to address this issue.

Additional note: on the member device which shows the TEAM folder as disconnected, Using the Synology User/paswword credentials, NetDrive allows a connection to the same folder referenced in the TEAM connection. These credentials are the same used to create the TEAM connection to the folder.

I don’t understand why the TEAM connection fails for the published configuration and the personal one works.

It’s not an error. It’s by design. Every team member uses their own id/pw to the remote storage.

Publishing a team drive does not includes id/pw of Team admin’s drive. Every team member must enter their own i/pw to connect to the remote storage for the first time.

We are working on a change to include id/pw when publishing team drives.

publishing the drive with the credentials hidden is major and I consider it a critical security issue.

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