Suggestion for google docs/etc links

When user uses multiple Google Drive accounts with NetDrive3, it means, he uses multiple google drive profiles.
NetDrive3 syncs cloud documents (e.g. docs/spreadsheets) as a links, which is a very good feature and provides outstanding user experience.
When user uses google drive, multiple chrome profiles are used oftenly. However, these links are opens in a default browser or recent opened chrome profile, which may be not the one, used to login to specific drive.

It would be a great feature, if for each google drive, links will be automatically opened within a specific chrome profile, linked to specific account.
This can be achieved by creating the url handler for each drive with commandline, to open links with specific chrome profile.
like this :
netdrive-1:// for a drive 1
and command line chrome.exe --profile=“Profile 1” %url%

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