Starting NetDrive3 on Mac mounts smb connected local network drives

NetDrive version: 3.8.705
Windows/Mac Version: 10.14.6

I had all of my network attached drives (smb to local server) dismounted because the server was being updated. Updated NetDrive3 to this version on my Mac and when I started NetDrive3 it mounted 80% of my smb mounted disks on my local server. Stopped NetDrive3, unmounted drives, restarted NetDrive3 and disks were all mounted again. None of these drives are configured in NetDrive3 and NetDrive3 is not set to automount anything on startup.

It’s weird. NetDrive does not support mounting SMB filesystems but according to your message NetDrive3 seems doing something to mount SMB disks??

100% correct. If my SMB drives are not mounted (on my Mac) and I start NetDrive3 it mounts my SMB drives. I they are mounted and I start NetDrive3 it mounts them a second time.

This only happens if NetDrive3 is not already running and I start it up (as in after an upgrade or after manually stopping it).

It’s still doing this with the new build too.

SMB mounted drives that are not connected when NetDrive is started are reconnected as soon as NetDrive agent completes and panel is displayed on the screen

There are no drives set to auto mount in NetDrive on startup. All mounts are supposed to be manual on this machine.

Issue is even more pronounced on v3.8.725. Startup of NetDrive mounts all unmounted SMB drives.
Logs are attached. (59.9 KB)