Some stuttering streaming 4K videos from Dropbox using Netdirve3 local drive mounting

Hello, I’m using a Dropbox Business account to backup all my 4K Blu-ray movies collection. I’m using Netdrive3 to mount a local drive on an SSD Windows PC that I share via Samba local network to stream the movies to my player.
I have a 1Gbps internet connection and local LAN with Cat6 Ethernet connections for all the devices so bandwidth from Dropbox and local network shouldn’t be an issue.
Most of the movie playing is good but the issue is that from time to time (but pretty always during the same scenes) I have some annoying stuttering and interruptions during the reproduction.
The same movies shared at the same way (via Samba) from a local HDD don’t give any kind of issue.
At first I thought it could be some random bandwidth problem from Dropbox but as the issues mostly present during the same scenes I would tend to exclude that.
I tried to increase the caching on Netdrive but nothing changed. It’s seems to be like a “buffering” issue… Do you think that could be the case and implemented somehow on Netdrive for large video streaming? Any alternative suggestions?
If I get this to work properly I was thinking of building a low power mini PC to keep going all the time and use it as a “virtual NAS” to share all my contents backuped on Dropbox through the house. That would be just awsome!

Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated,

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NetDrive try read-ahead for playing movies. NetDrive was tested mostly 1080p movies but not 4K movies. We’ll test with 4K movies and adjust read-ahead for that.

I’ll let you know when it’s updated.


Thank you for your quick reply Alex. Some of the movies are 80GB with bitrate that can reach 90 Mbps. Maybe this can be a useful information for the read-ahead adjustments.

If you need any beta-testing, I would be happy to help!

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