Some files repeated indefinitely

Local Drive <-> Google Drive

Not quite sure what happened to CloudSync, please help on this issue.


======================CloudSync Log=======================


CloudSyc retries 3 times on sync failure. On your log, google drive responses too slow(20 seconds time out).

This could happen on google server and we can not handle it. That’s why CloudSync retries 3 times.

We’ll consider to add a feature of extend time-out or user can change time-out period in next version of CloudSync.

Dear Alex,

I have no idea about the reason why those two files is always unsynced.

Those two files are always there every time I launched CloudSync,

On contrary, GoodSync runs without any error, either persistent-unsynced files or upload timeout issue.

I made a screen video capture and uploaded to following link.


Can you send us a debug log?

If you send us the following debug log file, it will help us to check your issue :

  1. Open your CloudSync UI
  2. Click “Settings” button
  3. Select “DEBUG” from Log Level field
  4. Save settings
  5. Reproduce you problem
  6. Click “Settings” button
  7. Click “Open log folder” to find “cloudsync.log” file

Thanks for your feedback.


The debugging log is uploaded to the previous given Google Drive space.

Filename is cloudsync-1.7z.

IMG_4313.MOV/IMG_9591.MOV/IMG_9588.MOV are files that CloudSync tried to sync(retried/failed) every time.

Please help solve this inconsistency problem.



Is the debugging information sufficient for you to investigate the problem?

Please feel free to let me know if you need more.

Sorry about late response.

I’ve look into your log but there was no debug log. Anyway google does not respond in 20 seconds so CloudSync cancels your upload(timed out).

We can not determine what makes slow response from google. We’ll try to extend time out, and will do more test.