Slow Upload Speed - OneDrive For Business


I am trying to upload files from my PC to OneDrive for Business but the upload speed is very slow. But I am able to upload to Google Drive @ maximum upload speed. I am @ 1Gbps Azure Server.

Please let me know how to increase the upload speed when uploading to OneDrive for Business.


Can you try upload to OneDrive? Not OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive uses same routine for upload and we need to check if it’s not slow as OneDrive for Business.

Dear Alex,

Thanks for your reply, I tried to upload to OneDrive and I am getting around 7 MB/s which is a normal speed i get when i upload using the Web Upload.

But I can see only 2 MB/s in OneDrive for Business. I have attached the screenshot for your information please fix it.


I’m sorry but I think that’s not a NetDrive problem.

On NetDrive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business has same routine for upload. There is no difference.

Dear Alex,

Then please tell me what is the cause of this difference? Also I am getting around 40 MB/s from my Azure Blob to Google Drive which is a very good speed. Please do scrutinize this issue and let me know.


There is only one difference between OneDrive for Business and OneDrive.

They uses different server. We don’t know how OneDrive for Business server designed and works, so I can not explain why. Sorry about that.