Size of webdav folder

I’m new to this program and webdav (question involves webdav)
I just successfully attached my webdav server at home to my laptop and all semes to be working fine, only problem i have is that the foldersize is not reported correctly, while google drive reports correct ammount of data.

If i open properties in windows explorer of the webdav drive, windows tells me i have zero bytes used out of 10TB

What could cause this, is is a design limitation of webdav perhapse?

WebDAV has feature to get quota information but some webdav server does not support it. If your webdav server supports quota information then you should get proper quota information.

Thanks, I will look into this futher.
I have a synologyserver and currently the folder Im trying to connect to does not have a limited quta. Maby the nas does not want to report the total system space for the webdav client.

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