Sharepoint connection gives authentication error

Hi all,
I can successfully connect netdrive 3 in 1 device for a user. But as you know, a user has multiple devices so I have installed netdrive 3 on different pc and then logged in to netdrive via same user.
I got a message to deactivate other pc which I did then it allowed me to create again one drive for second pc but when I came to connect sharepoint, its saying “authentication error” .
I have signed out from all browser and tried again. Still same. Please help resolve it.

Any reply?

Dear ajish,

It seems you are experiencing an authentication error when trying to connect to SharePoint using NetDrive 3 on multiple devices. This issue can occur when the same user account is used on different devices.

Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Clear the cache and cookies in all your browsers and try again.
  2. Reinstall NetDrive: Reinstall NetDrive 3 and try again.
  3. Sign Out of Browsers: Sign out of your SharePoint account in all browsers, then log in again through NetDrive.
  4. Try a Different Network: There might be a network-related issue, so try connecting from a different network.

Please try these steps, and if the issue persists, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Thank you.

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