SFTP outside home directory not working

NetDrive version: 3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version: Win 10 v.1809 build SO 17763.503

Hi all,
I’m having an issue trying to mount an SFTP drive. My server user’s home directory is /home/myuser, but I need to work on /work/www/somedirectory

Permissions server side are ok, but NetDrive doesn’t allow me to exit from my home.

Waiting for the fix, is there a workaround to setup manually the mount point?

Thanks a lot

Hello gb40

Thank you for using NetDrive.

You can mount /work/www/somedirectory.

Press “OPTIONS” button in configure of your sftp drive item.

Then you can select “Mount Point” option.

Select “System root” instead of “User home” and press “OK” button.

You can select any path you have a permission to mount if press “BROWSE” button.


Sorry, I didn’t noticed it!

Thanks a lot