SFTP: File refresh takes long

NetDrive version: 3.8.888
Windows Version: Windows 10 1809

I have a webserver mount with SFTP as a network drive and a log file is open in notepad++. When changes are occuring in this logfile, notepad++ takes a minute minimum to show me that changes, even when I refresh the file in notepad++ manually. It seems that the file on the disk does not get downloaded instantly from NetDrive3 when changes occur.
On the old version NetDrive 3.7.687 I got this file refresh instantly.

There is an option for fetching file list from server immediately. If this option is turned off NetDrive will request file list from server only when the time passed preset amount of seconds after previous request.

Please check the advanced option of your SFTP drive item.

“Always retrieve file list from server”

  1. What is the default amount of seconds?
  2. How can it be adjusted?

This setting is set and the problem persists
corr: The setting was set all the time and seems to be ignored, even in NetDrive 3.8.900

It seems that the option is incorrectly interpreted in some cases. Please turn off the option, mount again and try refresh file list.

We will release a fixed version soon. After the release you need to check the option on and mount again.

If the option is turned off NetDrive will not fetch the list from server until 12 seconds past from previous request. If the option is turned on NetDrive will fetch the list from server if 2 seconds passed from previous request.

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New version released. Please update NetDrive. You need to turn on the ‘Always retrieve file list from server’.

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