Running out of disk space on PC

NetDrive version: 3.8.900
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Pro

I’m trying to copy most of a network drive to Google Drive using a PC workstation. I have the cache on NetDrive3 set to 20GB and as long as I copy small batches, a few folders at a time for instance, it works fine. If I select everything I want to copy and send with NetDrive it sends many things correctly. It continues to fill the cache past the 20GB until the workstation runs out of disk space and then fails. Any solutions to set off a large copy for mostly unattended work? Thanks!

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Hello rickyk.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

If you have another local drive, set NetDrive cache path to the local drive path.


I can work around it with the local drive. My question is more concerned with the cache limit not being honored, it seems. I set it to 20 GB yet it will use all the disk space available for the cache, way more than 20 GB.


Please refer to the following topic.


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