Restrictions on User Usage by Company Administrators for NETDRIVE3


1.Restrictions on User Usage
we would like to prevent company users from freely connecting cloud products to NETDRIVE3.We are concerned about information theft by our employees, while NETDRIVE is a convenient way to get in,
We are concerned that while NETDRIVE will be convenient, it will also endangers us to freely transfer data between BOXs and DROPBOXs. What do other companies do?

2.NETDRIVE only for DROPBOX authorized by the company
We would like to use NETDRIVE only for DROPBOX authorized by the company, not by personal. In that case, is it okay if I set the number of licenses to one for each user?
In that case, is it sufficient to set the number of licenses to one for each user?

  1. Is it correct to understand that NETDRIVE itself does not have a migration function,
    so it is not possible to move freely between clouds by NETDRIVE?

  2. What is the BEST PRACTICE?

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns regarding access to remote cloud storages using NETDRIVE3. I understand the importance of ensuring secure access to company data and controlling user permissions effectively.

Firstly, it’s important to note that NETDRIVE3 itself does not impose any restrictions on accessing remote cloud storages such as BOX and DROPBOX. Instead, it serves as a tool to facilitate connections to these services.

In response to your inquiry, many companies, including Samsung, opt to restrict employee access to remote storages at the gateway level. By implementing restrictions at this level, employees are unable to access restricted remote storages not only through NETDRIVE3 but also through web browsers and other means of access.

Regarding the limitation of licenses, I’d like to clarify that limiting the number of licenses does not directly restrict user access to remote storages. The license number applies to the NETDRIVE3 installation itself, rather than dictating the number of remote storages a user can add to their NETDRIVE3.

However, I’m pleased to inform you that we are actively working on implementing a feature to restrict storage types for team members. This feature will be controlled by the team admin, allowing for more granular control over user permissions and access to remote storages.

We appreciate your patience as we work on enhancing our platform’s security features. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for the answer.

  1. how to count user licenses
    Is NETDRIVE user license counted by DEVICE? Is it per person? Or is one user license counted as one computer and one cell phone?
    Or is a license required for each DEVICE?

  2. what can the administrator do, batch grant and deletion?
    I understand that administrators are limited in what our administrators can do. Can the administrator only batch grant NETDRIVE and delete individual privileges? Even with this, the burden on the user will be reduced considerably.

  3. user mitigation measures
    Japanese on-site users do not like even simple English. It is a heavy workload to register BDRIVE individually after the license is granted. Is there anything we could cut this processes?.

Let me address each of your points:

  1. Counting user licenses: In our licensing model, a NetDrive license is counted by devices rather than per person. This means that if one person uses NetDrive on two devices, they would require two licenses—one for each device. We do not count mobile devices (it’s free for paid users).
  2. Administrator actions: I appreciate your inquiry about batch granting and deletion. Could you please provide more details on what you mean by “batch grant and deletion”? This will help me understand your needs better and provide you with the most accurate information.
  3. User mitigation measures: To streamline the registration process for your Japanese on-site users, we offer a solution. You can send us a CSV file containing user emails and initial passwords, and we can handle the registration of multiple users on our side. This should help simplify the process and reduce the workload for your users.

If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with, please feel free to let me know.

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