Rename/Move Folder Removes Subfolders - Google Cloud Storage

From both the NetDrive File Browser and Mac Finder window, when I rename or move a folder all of the internal files in subfolders are pulled out of the subfolders and placed directly into the renamed/moved folder. All of the subfolders are removed and replaced with Unix Executable files.

Before rename:

After rename:

Example Unix Executable file contents:

User setup:
NetDrive3 - 3.16.539 (in trial) - Published Team Drive
Google Cloud Storage
MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1

Thanks for your feedbak. We will try to reproduce the problem.

We found a problem when handling folder rename and we will release a hot fix soon.

Thanks for your feedback.

Great, thank you!

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Sorry for the delay. Here is the NetDriver version which includes fix for GCS.