Re-Syncing Question

I am wondering about re-syncing 2 large folders.

I got a new NAS for my home and setup CloudSync to sync my Google Drive folders to the NAS. It worked great and with no problems.

Moving forward I want anything added to my local NAS to auto sync to my google drive folders via CloudSync. That way I have a local back up and cloud backup.

I removed the 2 syncing items I had in Cloudsync and reset them up. Rather then going from Google Drive to the NAS, I have it going in the opposite direction. Going from the NAS to Google Drive.

My worry is CloudSync smart enough when I click the sync to realize those files are already in both locations on the initial sync or is it going to try and re-sync everything and add duplicate files to google drive?

Any help would be appreciated.

CloudSync recognize target files per CloudSync item. In your case, CloudSync will copy again all files.

CloudSync compare files with size and modification date. But some service(like webdav) does not allow to change modification date of file. So CloudSync saves file modification date on database.

That’s why CloudSync recognize files per CloudSync item.

We have a plan to additional option on initial sync but not scheduled yet. Like ‘check only file name and size’, ‘confirm sync on same file name and size’. I think this will be useful to CloudSync users.

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