Question on moving from google to amazon

hi there…i am moving off google over to amazon. i would like to keep my folders and subfolders. if i setup a task to move the root on google to the root on amazon, will it preserve all of my file structures?

i have about 700GBs to move.


Sure. That’s what CloudSync can do.

alex - thanks for your reply. i have been trying to get this to work. it seems that the tasks i setup move the files in the folder and creates some of the subfolders but does not all of the subfolders and does not move any of the files in the subfolders. Also, it seems that subfolders within subfolders are also not created.

do i need to do anything special to setup the task properly or what could I be doing wrong?

I’m so sorry. I misunderstand your requirement. CloudSync will copy file/folder structure, not moving.


if i have to do each one separate, then this soln is not going to work for me unfortunately…

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