Question about syncing behavior

Hi there,

I have been using CloudSync for a day and I came up with some questions about its syncing behavior.
I am using CloudSync to sync files on Google Drive.

I have two questions.

As Alex mentioned in the other post, CloudSync only creates/updates files.

This means that if I move files to other folders or remove files from the cloud, those files stay where they are in my local disk?

If so, is there any way that I can have them identical?
Any update plans on this issue?

I have so many files on Google Drive and initial syncing process takes so long.
To minimize this processing time, can I copy files locally to the syncing folders because I have the original files on my local disk?

I am just wondering whether or not it creates the same files on Google Drive when I do the copy.

Thank you in advance.

Yes. CloudSync will not delete files even if removed from source and we have a plan support mirroring but not scheduled yet.

Another user wants to sync only changed files on initial sync too. We scheduled to implement this feature but there are lot of cloud services. So we think we need pretty a lot of time.

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