Proxy connection information is required to run NetDrive3. Please input proper proxy information

Started getting that message immediately after upgrading to latest version of NetDrive3 on a Windows Server 2008 machine. That server is not behind a proxy server, and I have it tried it with “Use system proxy settings” checked, and also with PROXY TYPE “none” checked. Neither setting works and NetDrive3 will not launch/open.

I receive the following message… This issue might be caused by the network connection with Bdrive server which usually occurs when Bdrive server or your PC may not be connected to the Internet. If you are connected to the internet and still have this issue, please visit to leave a note.

Yes, this server is connected to the internet. So that is not the issue. These errors/messages just started occurring immediately after upgrading to the latest version of NetDrive3. Everything was fine prior to upgrading.

We found what caused the issue.

It’s because of our changing of ssl layer library from OpenSSL to WinSSL.

The problem happens on old Windows versions. Before we found a solution please use NetDrive 3.3.

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