Problem with update 3.17.383 - VC++ 2015-2022 The update

Problem with update 3.17.383 - VC++ 2015-2022 The update
3.17.383 launches VC++ 2015-2022 update. This update from Microsoft begins to launch and crashes not arriving at the end of its installation. Do other users also have this same bug?
I just uninstalled VC 2015-2022 with RevoUninstallerPro, I found that I had a multitude of buids that were installed.
For the moment I have not tried to redo the installation of 3.17.383 for fear that it will crash my PC again.
Have you encountered this problem and have you solved it?
Thank you all for your contributions

Consider installing the VC++ Redistributables from Microsoft’s official website: Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn.

It is recommended to install both the x86 and x64 versions for maximum compatibility.

Upon successful installation of the VC++ Redistributables, NetDrive will no longer prompt you to install it again if a same or later version is already installed on your system.

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