Problem with NetDrive3 behavior when upload to Google Drive fails


I’ve had this problem with NetDrive3:

I have a script that automatically moves files every day to the NetDrive3 mount, set with a Google Drive account.
On one occasion, the upload of some files from the mount to Gdrive failed, probably due to the Google Drive daily limit (about 750GB).
The files appeared in the NetDrive3 mount, but they weren’t uploaded in Google Drive.
Once Google Drive allowed to upload files again, NetDrive3 didn’t retry to upload them. So the files still appeared in the NetDrive3 mount but not in Google Drive.
I rebooted my computer, and now the files don’t appear in the NetDrive3 mount, and neither in the Google Drive. I guess they were stored in the cache, and when I rebooted they were deleted from there…
So I basically lost those files.
This is a VERY unconvenient behavior, specially because I can’t tell what files were deleted due to this, so I don’t know what files I should get again.
Google Drive File Stream NEVER deleted files in the cache.

So, is there a way to:

a) have NetDrive3 recheck what files were not uploaded in the first place and retry periodically to upload them again
b) know what files failed to upload so I can tell which ones I should reupload manually?


Thank you for using NetDrive.

I think you are not set “on-the-fly” option by default.
If “on-the-fly” option is disabled, uploading files are not synchoronous with explorer for performance.
If you set “on-the-fly” option explorer is noticed when uploading files are failed, but it’s some slow.

If you want synchoronous uploading, set “on-the-fly”.

Unfortunately, NetDrive don’t reuse cache after unmount. At present, NetDrive reuse cache while being mounted.

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