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Hey there,

At first blush your app looks great however I have a couple of questions for you before I download and try it out if you don’t mind. For what it is worth I am on a Mac OS running Catalina 10.15.4 (iMacPro)

1 - When I first sign in and link my drives will your app download or cache a lot of the data on that drive locally? In short will it eat up a bunch of my bandwidth if I mount several cloud drives and need to search thought those drives for the files I need? I recently experienced this with one of your competitors trial and as I live in an area where I have to carefully budget my bandwidth that is sorta a deal breaker for me.

2 - I see you have many of the services I use listed as compatible with your app but I don’t see pCloud or MEGA are those services possible?

3 - Is there a way to schedule syncing times for files I have changed offline for eventing hours (again this goes back to my data budgeting where I get more evening data than daytime)

4 - Is it possible to use your app to organize a my dropbox drives folder structure without physically downloading the files? ie can I mount my dropbox, clean, delete, and move files around in that mounted volume without needing to download and re-upload that content?

Thanks so much I will eagerly await your reply as I am anxious to find a solution that fits my needs


Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

  • About question 1

    • As you know because NetDrive is a file system, it only downloads the data requested by the application.
      The Finder is also an application, so NetDrive downloads it when requested. Sometimes, a lot of data is requested through the finder’s preview function.
      Therefore, the bandwidth is up to the applications.
  • About question 2

    • Unfortunately, pCloud and Mega are not supported yet.
  • About question 3

    • Unfortunately, NetDrive does not support offline
  • About question 4.

    • After mounting, it is not possible with the Finder. However, it is possible with the File Browser feature 3.9.

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