Poll on next features of NetDrive 3

  • File lock for WebDAV
  • Client-side file encryption
  • Shared drive item for teams
  • Private key based encryption of user data
  • Command line interface (CLI) to mount / unmount drive
  • New protocol / cloud service support like Backblaze B2, Wasabi, etc.
  • Master password to change settings, or add/remove drives
  • Offline file and folder access (Sync later when online)
  • Auto reconnect on connection failure
  • Multilanguage installer & GUI
  • Option for limiting bandwidth
  • IPv6 support

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Feel free to suggest a new feature.

NOTE: API for Google Drive ‘Computers’ does not supported by Google (yet).

Vote for auto-reconnect. Also will be nice, if:

  • files with failed upload will be resended/reuploaded in ~10…60 minutes interval;
  • option ‘delete then replace’ if file exist at destination and must be replaced;

Cache for uploading will be nice, but… see above. If You write >100 files in cache, and then need to control manually, which is uploaded, and which not…

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One more, after today games with last build :wink: … Will be nice, if drive page ‘on each drive picture’ have, potentialy, up to ~4 icons for:

  • ‘uploading now’;
  • ‘downloading now’;
  • ‘have failed files’;
  • ‘have files waiting transfer’;
    Yes, most part of this information is on ‘uploading’ tab, but…
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