Please check login credentials again

Hi there,

I have purchased Netdrive 3 but somehow I cant login right after that.

I had used the trial version before and it worked well. But after moving to the licensed version, the software keeps saying login failed even I tried every possible ways and every supported type of connection on Netdrive.

My OS is Windows 10 and Webdav server.

Can somebody give me any valuable advice. Thank so much.


I’ve checked your account and I found that you registered your id using Google Login. Please try login with Google not with your email address and password.

Thanks Ysh, but it still doesnt work. Any other suggestion?

Hi there, anyone here, pls help. netdrive doesnt work anymore, i tried ftp, ftps, webdav

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Hello there,

Are you guys shutting down this version?

Did you choose this button to login?


yes i did bro

Same error…

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