Perhaps,The NetDrive does not count (mean in Chargeable) API calls to Box?

When I tried NetDrive3,
That suffered from a lot of API calls to Box.

And, I suffered from the plan of Box :frowning:

Business Plus
50,000 API calls per month
100,000 API calls per month

At that time, I saw the article on “Box Platform” as follows.

[Box Platform] - [Pricing] - [What is an API Call?]

Except as otherwise set forth in the applicable Order,
excluded from Monthly Platform API Calls are API calls made on behalf of:
(i) third party software application integrations that were permitted with Customer’s purchase of the Box Service as set forth in the applicable Order

Perhaps,The NetDrive does not count API calls to Box ?
Because “NetDrive” is licensed as “Box Platform”, is a third party allowed from Box ?

Yes, NetDrive does not count API calls and NetDrive is one of the third party softwares registered by developers.

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HI, ysh,
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I mean NetDrive does not count and store the number of API calls. The calls made by NetDrive is also counted by Box. :):sweat_smile:

OK, Thanks,
I checked the number of API calls in Box’s log.
メトリック アプリID アプリ名 課金対象 属性値
API ****** NetDrive by Bdrive No 13753
“属性値” = API Calls
“課金対象 = No”

…But, Just a monent, I will also check with Box support, just in case.

In this case, How about NetDrive ?
The “課金対象” mean in “Chargeable”.

Running the Platform Activity Report

indicates whether an application is “chargeable.”
Chargeable apps typically are apps customers themselves have written to solve a problem unique to their installation.
Customers pay specifically for these custom apps.
Apps that are not chargeable are included in a customer’s initial license of Box, along with a limited number of API calls.

NetDrive is not “Chargeable” because it’s not an app you written to solve your problem. It’s a third party application “we” registered to Box Inc.

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Hi, ysh,
Thanks ! Thanks !
May be My problem was solved.