Performance Feedback

So I have a 150TB google drive. I use it for plex.

In regards to the Windows Version, it works perfectly. I created a solution at: to make the process work and had to go linux. I had many issues with version 2. Between version 2 and expandrive (which is far far worse), linux was the only way to go.

Going back to this, I bought 2 licenses. So as with the Windows Version, plex scanned the Windows Mount with 0 API bans!!! You do not know how frustrating it is. You will get API bans even with Google File Stream! So whatever you did, you get your moneys worth!

Regards to the MAC which is fairly advertised as a beta, this is the issue I ran into.

  1. I have to login EVERY TIME the mac booted. I upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra and that did not resolve it.
  2. It scans very very slow and poorly, crashes, and stops alot. When not scanning, even having plex play a file from it took over a minute compared to the windows version which starts within under 5 seconds.

So whatever you guys are doing, keep it up! I have the linux solution running in a VM, but now run a secondary plex server on the windows side because it finally works. I have a 2012 mac mini i7 that’s just idle and wish to use; but will wait for the mac version to finish up. If there are logs or whatever I can send, I will. Since it does alot of scanning with alot of data and duress, it may help.

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