Onedrive for Business only show personal files

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when I mount my OneDrive account, I only see my personal files, I cannot see other files and folders that are syncing with my account. Is this normal behaviour?

Kind regards Vincent

Dear Vincent,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Have you made the Drive Item by selecting the Protocol Type as OneDrive for Business (Graph API)?

After accessing OneDrive through a web browser, does the shared file list appear in the Shared menu as shown in the screenshot below?


Dear Tsjeong,

Thank you for your reply!
Yes I created the driver with the OneDrive for Business (Graph API).
And indeed, I see both “My files” and “Shared” as you suppose.

What I miss are the files and folders listed under “Shared libraries”, I have them in sync and receive them within the original OneDrive application. So I hoped this behaviour could be reached also with Netdrive.

Thanks you again for your reply.

Kind regards,

Vincent de Niet

Dear Vincent de Niet,

Unfortunately, Shared libraries for OneDrive on NetDrive are not yet supported. We will include features that support shared libraries in feature requests.

Thanks for the feedback.

Stay healthy.

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