One Drive: Mount Error (Win7 + ND3 v3.6.548

NetDrive version:3.6.548
Windows/Mac Version: 7 Pro

I just activated our trial of NetDrive for Teams. I installed the latest NetDrive for Teams app to my Windows7 Pro computer. Created an O: drive connection to my OneDrive account. When I press Connect it fails with a “Mount Error”. The log files show the following…

[CRITICAL] [ 33936] [FILESYSTEM] NetDrive filesystem does not installed
[2018/09/28 01:55:30.906] [ERROR ] [ 33936] [SERVICE ] CMounter::empty_mount Mount Failed 2006:O:OneDrive

Do you use any antivirus software like Symantec Endpoint protection? Then you should disable or give permission to NetDrive installer before install NetDrive.

Some software like Symantec Endpoint protection, blocks NetDrive installation.