Not Synchronize drive config between PC

So i have many drive that i need to mount with different PC, but every i install netdrive into new PC it will also bring older drive that i mount on other PC too.

Imagine if i only need to mount 2 drives on very PC but need to do that in 100 PC, it will be overwhelm to see 200 drives in netdrive dashboard, thats what i feel right now, and thats the reason why i only buy 10 license of netdrive.

I hope developer hear my request, thank you


Thank you for using NetDrive.

Your configuration is saved to your account not a device.

If you save a configuration to the device, this issue will be solved.

I wish you are happy with the option.


so how to delete configuration that already in my account??

since every i am doing new install, all my drive pop up, and i need to scroll a lot of time

If you want to delete a item, just select “delete” in popup menu.

I think you want to change item. Select Config, then change item location.