No login automatically so how to revert to release 2?


I’m always asked to login to netdrive 3 when launched at windows start.
I give up, tha’ts too annoying, how to go back to netdrive 2 ?

Same problem here.

@alexandre.emeriau @cabaseira

Could you check this issue with a test version?
The test version can be downloaded from following url.

Same problem here. the link doesn`t work…

AccessDeniedAccess Denied26B92EAC358F5104ln6WZgcX+goYiSataNbQh5Jfl0YgUfq6xIeSpcBmMoLPEnK89dN+28P1deKRLJLLX1bpFPvSaK4=

The link doesn´t work

@alexandre.emeriau @Eurolicht
The correct link is:

I tried 2 restarts with the newest version, and it seems that work correctly

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Sorry, I fixed the link.
Try again, please.

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Do you have an update with no virus in it? or not catched as a virus by avg or zemana for example ?