NetDrive3 won't connect to Dropbox for Business

I can’t get Netdrive3 to connect to my Dropbox business account. I enter my login details and grant access, but it just hangs with the spinning circle. It’s showing up as authorised in Dropbox.

I’ve tried 3.14.309 & 3.15.393. I’m running Windows 10 20H2.

I’d really appreciate some help.

Thank you (5.2 KB)


If you have problems adding the drive item, this issue can be solved by installing a root certification to your machine.

Please download attached file and unzip it. (1.5 KB)

Then, install to “Local Machine”.


If the certification is installed, you can add a drive item normally.

Please try to add and connect after installing the certification to “Local Machine”.

This worked. Thank you for your prompt support!

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