NetDrive3 with Amazon S3 can't rename folder with subfolders

When we create a folder on the drive connected to Amazon S3 and create subfolder inside it, the root folder can’t be renamed. Instead it makes a copy of this folder with new name.

For example we create folder “Dir1”, and put inside it file “file1.txt” and subfolder “Dir2” with file “file2.txt” inside it. Then we try to rename folder “Dir1” to “Dir3”. We get error “Can’t read from source file or disk”. After that in S3 we have both new empty folder “Dir3” and old folder “Dir1” with the files and subfolders in it.

Fix it please.

This issue is confirmed and we are working on it.

Thanks for your feedback.

Ok, thanks, we are waiting for the solution. Without renaming folders it’s unusable.

We’ve fixed the bug. You can download a beta version at

Thanks for using NetDrive.