NetDrive3 Updater fails

Updater to 3.16.667 from 3.7.687 (build 687) - released 2019/02/15
Windows 10 Pro (all latest updates installed)

Current version nags about an update, so I say “yes”, the update runs, finishes, but fails to actually update - still left with 3.7.687 and guess what … it nags again that there is a new version!

Dear huwmartynthomas,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Uninstall the currently installed version 3.7.687 from Uninstall a Program in Control Panel and restart. And download 3.16.667 from the link below and install it.


Well that was great! Now I cant even log on. UI freezes. Follow instructions on “services” to no avail. See attached images


Dear huwmartynthomas,

The start type of the service processes(NetDrive3 Service) must be “Auto” and the status of the services must be “Running”.

For some reason like as anti-virus or protection programs can be change it.

Please check whether your anti-virus program or anti-malware program has blocked the NetDrive service from running.


I don’t have anti-virus … want to blame something else?
Anyway, I have scrapped this version and gone back to the previous version I had - which works of course.
I will not be contactable for the next 6 weeks, but I insist you keep this open as an issue and try and resolve. Failure to do so and I will assume you are in breach of contract.

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