Netdrive3 doesn't seem to preserve File Dates (FreeFileSync)


I’m testing NetDrive to be able do backup directly to Dropbox cloud. I’me using FreeFileSync to do the sync operation. But it seems that file dates are not beeing mantained at the Dropbox cloud. Acessing via Windows Explorer the files through NetDrive3 mounted drive I can also see that the file dates are nor beeing propagated from the original file to the copied files, as it’s done by FreeFileSync on “normal” drives.

This turns off NetDrive3 as a solution for what I’m looking for.

My NetDrive3 version: 3.9.1190 (last version, I think, at this time)



Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

As you know, NetDrive doesn’t support it with Dropbox right now.

But I think the issue can be resolved and I will research about it.



I didn’t know! I read a lot about this same problem through FTP (the main culprit, I guess, would be on the server side for lack of support) but I missed, then, the references about the same issue on Dropbox.

Has CloudSync the same issue?

Anyway, I was doing a tough test by coping thousands of files (with FreeFileSync), and my PC, after long time, became extremely (truly very) slow. As I could see, there was very little free memory, but I don’t think that was the only issue. There was thousands of files still in the queue to be uploaded and I had to restart my PC. When restarted, I connected the Dropbox NetDrive drive. It took a while to connect but everything that was in queue to be uploaded to Dropbox cloud disappeared.

In fact, trying to recover for the PC extremely bogged down situation, I didn’t do just a restart. Before, I disconnected the Netdrive Dropbox drive and next, a connect (as I know of, there is no kind of pause command to stop the upload or any transfer for that matter. The pause command could be a good thing to have if a heavy upload/transfer is going on, when that bandwidth is needed for something else). As the reconnect was taking a long time (I mean, really very long time) and the system was quite bogged down, I had to initiate the (extremely slow) shutdown. When the PC came up and I started the NetDrive Dropbox drive, there were no files left in the queue to upload, thousands of files have disappeared.

Best regards.

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